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Q: How do I book you?

A: That's easy! Send me an email with your name, idea and contact info. We'll schedule a phone call to talk about your vision and how we will make it happen. Once the contract is signed and your deposit is paid you'll officially be on my calendar.

Q: Can I contact you for questions before I book?

A: Absolutely. I'm happy to talk with you about your ideas without you feeling obligated to book. 

Q: Will you travel outside of the Detroit area for a booking?

A: Yes! Name the time and place.

Q: What happens after I book?

A: Once you make your payment you will receive my pre-photoshoot guide tailored to the type of session you're doing. I like to keep in regular contact with my clients after that so that when it's time to shoot we're familiar with each other and you feel more comfortable.

Q: What if I don't like my final images?

A: Well fortunately, this has not happened. By taking a look at my portfolio before you book you will get familiar with my style and you'll have a pretty good idea of what to expect. If you love the images on my site chances are high you'll love yours as well!

Q: Do you deliver in digital format?

A: Yes, I deliver digital albums. Before you get the final album, however, I send you a digital  proofed album from which you will let me know which images, if any, you would like to order as professional prints. Once you've placed your print order you'll receive your final professionally edited album with the proof marking removed. 

Q: You don't have your pricing on your website - why is that?

A: There is a base price for each type of session that I offer, and when you communicate your interest I personally send you my pricing guide to look over. 

Q: Who owns the photos after they are delivered?

A: As the photographer and artist I retain full copyright, and unless our specific contract states otherwise and/or permits a transfer of rights the rights remain with me and any royalties shall accrue to me. Altering my photos without explicit written permission granted in a legal, officially curated and mutually agreed upon document is prohibited under any circumstances whether the editing entity is a client of Meredith Camille Photography, LLC or not. Submitting my images to any AI image collection or altering platform is prohibited under any circumstances whether the submitting entity is a client of Meredith Camille Photography, LLC or not.       

Q: Do you do videography?

A: I do not. But if you're looking for videographers I may be able to send you some recommendations.

Q: Do you use an assistant?

A: I do not. I shoot solo. 

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